Title: Central Koke Company, Dope, soft drink, East Main Street, Cowart Street, 1914, receipt

Catalog Number: 2017.025.0001

Date (Years): 1914


With the success of Coca-Cola came a score of soft drink makers jumping on the coca leaf bandwagon. The Central Koke Company was one of them. A full 153 cases of trademark infringement against Coca-Cola filed in 1916. Estimates of the number of Coca-Cola imitators were as high as 7,000. The Koke Company of America went all the way to the Supreme Court in 1920. The court ruled in favor of Coca-Cola but overturned a lower court's decision to refrain from using the trademark, Dope. By the 1910s. the public became accustomed to calling Coca-Cola, "COKE" or even in some cases, "Dope" due to its reputation for using cocaine in their recipe.

Ironically, this 1914 receipt warns about those misusing their trademark KOKE. WOKE, and DOPE.

NOTICE: Our customers will please notify US or the INDUSTRIAL SURETY CO., of NEW YORK of any infringements on our trade-marks 'WOKE" or "DOPE" or of anyone substituting any other beverage on calls for "KOKE" or "DOPE." This is a violation of the Federal Laws, and we will prosecute any and all persons who thus infringe upon our rights, to the fullest extent of the law.


5c Everywhere—Fountains or Bottles


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