Title: Chattanooga Pioneers Association letter, 1914

Catalog Number: 2017.064.0001, 2017.064.0002

Date (Years): 1914


A typewritten letter and accompanying list soliciting $1 annual dues for membership into the Chattanooga Pioneers Association. It’s dated September 15th, 1914 and ink signed by Emil Wassman.

The association was a social club, ‘Whereas, certain (surviving) residents of the muddy little village of Chattanooga, who resided here previous to the disastrous panic, flood and epidemic years of 1873-4, noting with patriotic pride their city’s wonderful growth, historic fame and pleasing environment, have deemed it advisable to form themselves into a social organization to be hereafter known as the “Chattanooga Pioneer Association.”‘

The aforementioned epidemic may refer to Yellow Fever outbreaks in Tennessee during the 1870s.

A handwritten notation is on the verso: “Chattanooga Pioneers Association” and “5438”

Chattanooga, Tenn. Sept 15th,1914.

Dear Sir—

I enclose you herewith a list of the suggested eligible membership of the Chattanooga Pioneers Association. You will note that your name is included in this list and as W. Tare who volunteered to collect the 1914 dues of this Association has been unable to see you, I will appreciate it if you will mail me $1.00 to cover the above-mentioned dues-

Emil Wassman


Whereas, certain residents of the muddy little village of Chattanooga, who resided here previous to the disastrous panic, flood and epidemic years of 1873-4, noting with patriotic pride their city’s wonderful growth, historic fame and pleasing environment, have deemed it advisable to form themselves into a social organization to be hereafter known as the “Chattanooga Pio-neer association.”

And, Whereas, Great interest being manifested in the organization by citizens of forty years’ residence and over, and a list of the names of more than four hundred having been passed upon as eligible for membership, it is deemed best by the members of the society that when the list has been completed and revised to contain the names of all who are eligible by local residence previous to the year 1874, that the books for the recording of new names be closed. Resolved, That the organization of the Chattanooga Pioneer association is purely for social, biographical and historical purposes. and that it is the intention of the society to call meetings when deemed necessary, and to have at least one reunion of all its members and their families each year.

Resolved, That the officers of the Chattanooga Pioneer association shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary and a treasurer; these officers to be elected by the members of the society on the occasion of its annual reunion. Resolved, That all surviving members, on notice from the treasurer, shall each year pay to the treasurer the sum of $1 as dues for the purpose of discharging the necessary obligations of the society. Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings, to call special meetings when deemed necessary, and to have general supervision of the affairs of the society, and of the expenditure of its funds through its treasurer.

Resolved, that the vice-president is empowered to act in the stead of the president, upon his absence, disability or death. Resolved. That it shall be the duty of the secretary to prepare and keep in a suitable book, a roll of the names of the members, their period of residence, their business or calling, and local address, and perform all other such duties as are usually incumbent upon the office of a secretary. Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the treasurer to collect the annual dues, to receive and receipt for any donation, or bequest on behalf of the society, and to pay all warrants drawn on him by the president, keep an account of all his transactions and report annually to the society the condition of its treasury. Resolved, That the president appoint a competent person from the membership to act in the capacity of historian, whose duty it shall be to gather and record biographical and historical data that may be available and interesting of all members for permanent record in a book suited for that purpose, and to also make an annual report to the society of the necrology of its members.

List of the Names of Persons Suggested as Eligible for Membership

Adams, J. W., 58 The Elizabeth. Adams, G. Q., 336 Chestnut. Albert, Paul R., 300 Houston. Allen, James M., 3009 Chamberlain Ave., Albert, Will ‘S., Walden’s Ridge Anderson, Milo, 521 Dodson Ave, E. C. Anderson, Jo., Market, corner Eighth. Attaway, D. A., 438 McCallie. Aull, W. C., 601 Cypress. Bachman, J. W., 221 ‘McCallie Ave. Bachtel, John, 4608 St. Elmo Ave. Baker, C. W., 33 Baker Ave, N. ‘C. Bankston, John H., 707 Douglas. Barr, R. W., care ‘Chattanooga Savings Karsten, John, 614 Cypress. Dogger, Jesse T., 5 ‘Battery Place. Durham, E. T., 1011 ‘Chamberlain Ave. Duffy, Dan J., 17 McConnell Block. Duncan, George S., 1210 Bailey Ave. Duncan, Sam W., 452 Oak. Duckworth, John T. Dyer, Charles H., 421 Cedar. Early, John I-1., 1018 East Ninth. Ellison, Thomas. Ellison, hid., 209 East Duncan Ave. Englehardt, John, 818 Cowart. Evans, Lafayette. Evans, H. Clay., 203 East Terrace. Fassnacht, A., 4119 Florida Ave., St. E. Fischer, L. L., 801 Market. Fisher, George 0., 506 Long street. Fisher, John H., 1132 East Eighth. Field, D. S. Fisher, J. M., 110 Rubio, E. C. Flora, James, 37 Blackford. Flora, James J., 37 Blackford. Ford, W. Burk., 415 Lindsay. Foust, Abner, 420 Poplar. Fritts, B. F., 109 Vine. Frist, Joseph. Fritts, Wiley. Frist, Jacob. Frazier, S. J. A., 104 Frazier, N. C. Frazier, James B., 415 Oak. Fry, M. M. Fryar, Sevier, 1224 Whiteside. Foust, Lon J., 15 Vine. Gamble, S. L., 2903 Ave. M., E. L. Gailor, John, 843 East Eighth. Gardenhire, George W., 921 East Eighth. Gahagan, A. J., 224 Walnut. ‘George, ‘Charles R., 412 Vine. Geismar, Sol, 27 Carter. Gillespie, William. Gillespie, Lou G., 609 Market. Gillespie, James, East Mission Ridge. )Giffe, John, 219 High. God6cy, Matt., care .County Workhouse. Goodman, H., 710 East Fourth. .Grieb, D. V., Mission Ridge. Griffiss, John C., 704 Georgia Ave. Green, Sam E., 8 Keystone Block. Griscom, Will S., 310 West Fortieth. Green, David C., 313 Kirby Ave. Green, W. Taylor. Griffiss, John .C., Jr., 413 Georgia Ave. Sawyer, W. J., 507 Bailey Ave. ‘Griffith, David, 6101/2 Poplar. ‘Sawyer, Geo. B., 65 ‘Graham, C. Hagan, W., 216 Forrest Ave., N. C. Scholze, Ernest, 4107 St. Elmo Ave., Harris, V. R. St. E. Harrington, Charles M., 111 Read Ave. Scholze, Julius 4520 St. Elmo Ave., Harrington, J. J., 103 Mitchell Ave. St. E. Hartman, George, 1313 Cowart. Severin, Frank, 4111/2 Walnut. Hartman, Tom. Severin, Ab., 4111/2 Walnut. Handman, 554 Oak. Seiters, William, 102 Chamberlain Ave. Hancock, David S. Seiters, George, 102 Chamberlain Ave. Henderson, J. R. Shepherd, Lewis, 301-303 Times Bldg. Henderson, Alfred, 2011/2 Carter. Shulz, Christian. Hixon, James, East Lake. Shelton, Azariah, 203 South Dodds Ave. Hixon, E. H., care ‘Chattanooga Railway Shelton, C. C., 117 Walnut. & Light Co. • Sharp, L. J., 221 East .Sixth. Hicks, A.. J., 501 Williams. Shipp, Joseph F., Long, corner Shipp Hicks, William, 805 .Cowart. Ave., A. P. Hickman, Henry., care Acme K. F. Co. Sims, Dr. P. D., 40 Clark Street. No. 2. Sisson, E. F., St. Elmo. Howard, Ben. T., 1914 ‘Chestnut. Sims, Thos., 40 Clark Street. Holt, Frank, 807 Union Ave. Siveley, John H., 820 Whiteside. Howard, R. T. Siveley, F. C., 413 Spears Ave., N. C. Hooke, William, 47.).(3 ,c4reorgia. Ave. i.veley, Allen, ZOO Bell Ave., N. C. Hooke, Robert, 616 ‘Georgia Ave. Spencer, Samuel. Hughes, W. M. Smartt, J. Polk, 601 Vine. !Hughes, Frank, 1400 East Main, Smith, W. P., 151 Rossville Ave. Hughes, Dave W., care Central Mfg. Co. Smith, W. P., 230 East Main. Hulse, W. Bruce, 933 East Eleventh. Spencer, Edward. Hyde, Dr. Chas. R., Lookout Mountain. Spencer, Silas, 400 Pine. James, C. E., 102 McCallie Ave. Stoops, Harry E., 412 West Fifth. James, Frank, 731 Cule St. E. Stoops, Geo. W., Lookout Mtn. James, Walter. Stoop, Edgar, Lookout Mtn. Kansinger, William, 114 Batitery Place. Stone, W. M.. 2009 MeCallie Ave. Sullivan, J. ,J., 115 Florence. Stivers, W. T., 2301 East 13th. Stivers, Chas. E., 1$5 Island Ave., N. C. Temple, Morris, 520 Oak. Teppenpaw, Amos. Temple, H. F., Lookout Mtn. Thomasson, E.. B., 324 McCallie. Thomasson, D. Mack., 311 High. Thomasson, W. K. Thomasson, Joseph, 311 High. Thacher, Robert. Thomas, Lee. Thatcher, W. C., Duncan Ave., H. P. Thompson, John, 314 Lindsay. Toler, Joseph M., 922 East Eighth. Truxall, Ben, 624 Battery Place. Tschopik, Adolph, 518 Cherry. Twinam, Robt., 528 Georgia Ave. Twinam, John C., 528 Georgia Ave. Varnell, George, 2$5 Fairleigh, E. C. VarTe11, John, ‘410 South Highland Park Are. Van Dyke, T. Nixon, 242 McCallie. VanDusen, Harry, 602 Pine. Vance, Joseph. C., 212 S. Prospect. Vance, John C., Lookout Mtn. Vance, Harry K., 212 South Prospect. Vetter, John W., care Northern Hotel. Vinson, Chas. W., 204 Vine. Ward, M. H., 10 West 52d, St. E. Warren, Andrew, care Walsh & Weid-ner Co. Walker, L. G., 409 Pine. Ware, Andrew J., Mission Ridge. Wassman, Emil, 21 The Elizabeth. Wassman, Jacob, 712 Georgia Ave. Wassman, Louis, 116 Oak. Wells, Wm., 203 High. Webster, Thos., 622 McCallie. Webster, Harry, 622 McCallie. Webster, ‘Wm., Ninth Ward. Warner, J. H., City Commissioner. Wells, J. W., 224 Oak. Wells, John, 252 Glass, E. C. White, George T., 522 Vine. Whiteside, Wm., 671 McCallie. Wheland, G. W., care The Wheland Co. Wheeler, Dan C., Frazier Ave., cor-ner Fairview, N. C. Whiteside, Glen M., 525 Oak. Williams, Taylor, Foust Addition. Wilcox, Thos. S., 323 East Eighth. Wilder, J. T., Chickamauga Park Com-mission. Wilkey, Matt C., 114 East Fourth. Wiggins, Wm., 506 West 13th. Wiltse, H. M., 1023 East 12th. Wilson, P. C., Frazier Ave., corner Bar-ton, N. C. Wilbur, Noah W., Lookout Mtn. Wood, Gus A., 805 East Ninth. Woodward, R. H., corner Oak and Lind-say. Woodard, R. P., Mission Ridge. Wood, Hewitt, 101 Chamberlain Ave. Wyatt, FL D., 527 Chestnut. Younger, Wm., 4311 Alabama Ave., St. E. Murphy, Mike, 812 East Tenth. Murphy, J. E., 110 College. Mulligan, Thos. A., 205 College. Myers, Thos., 304 McCallie. Myers, James, 414 Beck, E. C. Nail, William S., 91.4 East Eighth. Nixon, W. M., 425 East Fifth. Nixon, George W., 350 Oak. Nicklin, John B, 516 Poplar. Norris, James B., 403 Bailey Ave. O’Bar, Clark. O’Brien, M. J., 303 Kirby Ave. Oelimig, W. G., 416 East Fifth. O’Rea•, Kelly, 605 Ivy. Orr, Robert, 601 Long. Payne, Thomas H., 108 McCallie. Payne, William C., 707 Oak. Patten, Z. C., Sr., Ashland Farm, Ga. Parker, Wiley, 4410 St. Elmo Ave., St. E. Patterson, Tom, 141/2 Rossville Ave. Peyer, Jacob, 2802 Ave K., E. L. Phillips, Fred II., Sr., 704 East Fourth. Poe, A. W., 5410 Tennessee Ave., St. E. Poe, W. M., 3204 East 35th, E. L. Poe, John, 41/2. Rossville Ave. Post, Ira S., 123 Mississippi Ave., N. C. Pyott, Steve C., 501 Cedar. Rawlings, John G., 5310 Tennessee Ave., St. E. Rape, ‘Cicero. Rawlings, J. M., 3008 Ave. M., E. L. Richardson, Thos. Richardson, Joe 0., 613 Bailey Ave. Richmond, Theodore, 657 McCallie Ave. Rider, Hiram, 500 Wyatt. Rogers, Pat, 211 Stewart, E. C. Rogers, Albert, 28 Robinson Apartments. Roberts, Sam., 23 Ringgold Road. Roberts J. C., Ave. M., corner East 50th, Robinson, Jesse., care Live & Let Live Drug Co. Rowden, Sam, 517 McCallie. Ave. Rowden, John, 2715 Anderson, E. C. Rutledge, George, 2008 Whiteside, St. E. Ruoff, Will F., 624 West Sixth. Ryan, James It, 656 McCallie Ave. Saffer, Charles, 416 Lookout. Sanders, Newell, Lookout Mtn. Saillard, J. J., 601 North Dodds Ave. Bank. Betterton, E. R., Mission Ridge. Beck, W. Sherman, care Title Guaranty & Trust Co. Karsten, Charles, 614 Cypress. Karsten, William, 614 ‘Cypress. Keith, James. Kindrick, J. Polk. Beck, H. C., Title ‘Guaranty & Trust Co.1 Killough, Theodore Betterton, T. C., 1$’27 East Tenth. Bennett, Chas. .H., Walde.Walden’s Ridge. Belt, James S., 307 Bell Ave., N. C. Biese, Robt. W., 524 Pleasant. Bisplinghoff, Herman, 116 Houston, E. ,C. Burk, William. Bostrom, A. A., 514 Carlile Place. Brawner, P. A., 429 Oak. Broyles, Chas., 922 East Eleventh. Brooks, W. W., 515 Wyatt. Bryan, John. Brown, George, 8161/4 George Ave. Brown, Jesse, 209 East Missionary Ave. Bu,al, Chas. W., 202 High. Butler, William. Bush, Samuel C., ‘321 Manning, N. (?. Bush, Nicholas C., 513 Chestnut. Caldwell, Frank H., The Cahill Iron Wks. Capehart, John B., 120 Read Ave. Carlin, R.. 0., Walden’s Ridge. Cahill, W. P., 301 Carter. Capehart, William T., 515 West Sixth. Cahill, John B. Case, H. B., 507 East Fifth. Camp., II. M., 1515 Grand Ave., A. P. Camp, G. W., 1115 East Main. .Caldwell, Dr. J. M. Carroll, A. C., 210 Lindsay. Caldwell, James M., 23 McCallie Ave. Chapman, Harry E., iO3 High. Chapman, M. L. Chamberlain, H. S., ‘230 East Terrace. ‘Clark, L. M., 427 Cedar. ‘Colburn, W. J., 409 West .Six1th. Cooke, Thomas H., 314 East Fourth. Cooke, Robert B., 527 McCallie Ave. Cotter, William, 117 R.ossville Ave. Gunner, John. 0-30 East Men Ch. ,Conner, S. .0., 100 Normal Ave., N. C. Crabtree, James, 212 Kirby Ave. Crutchfield, T. W., 3 Battery Place. Crutchfield, Frank, ‘Flintstone. Cotter, Patrick D., 104 Magnolia. Cumming, William. Cummings, Walter. Curtis, Dr. D. G., 410 Lindsay. Davies, David J., 5010 Tennessee Ave., .St. Elino. Davenport, George W., 421 East Eighth. Devoti, John. DeGeorgis, Victor, Lookout Mountain. Deitzen, Nicholas, 318 East Eighth. Dempsey, John, 402 East Eighth. DeCosta, Aaron C., 315 Bailey Ave. Dewees, ‘Warren, .A., Riverview, N. C. Dewees, S. T., Riverview, N. C. Deitz, Oswald A. Divine, Sam W., 1218 East Duncan Ave. Dobbs, James M., 404 Rossville Blvd. Doty, D. M., East End Ave., A. P. Dobbs, W. Jeff., 611 Oak St. Dowling, William, 412 West Third. M., 5408 Beulah, St. E. Knauff, A. Knoedler, Charles, 317 Houston. Kelly, John, 111 C St. Key,. Albert L., care Mountain City Club. Kreigner, Will, 418 Walnut. Kreigner, Fred, 419 Walnut. Kreigner, Otto, 418 Walnut. Kunz, Jacob, 3111 Union Ave. Lazard, Prosper, 323 High. LeClercq, J. A., 424 East Fifth. Lee, John A. Livingston, Harry, 3108 Ave. L, E. L. Lipp, William, 529 Pine. Light,Sam, Light House. Loveman, D. B.,’407 East F4th. Long, Marcus B., TuscaloosaOla. Lottie, J. A. Long, Jeremiah, 35 East Terrace. Loveman, B. E.,. 708 Oak. Lowenthal,- L., 717 East Fourth. Loomis, J. H. Loomis, Percy. Loomis, Shell, 400 Tremont, N. C. Lynch, Hugh, Carlisle Apartments. Lynn, J. Berney. McAllister, .J. B., 407 Fairview. McMahon, T. P., 115 College. McConnell, T. M., 517 East Fifth. McGuffey, Charles D., 810 Douglas. McCallie, T. S., 500 South Beech. McFarland, Foster. McLeod Jas. A., .340 McCallie. McKenny, Edgar, 426 Walnut. McFarland, J. R. McKenny, George E. McKenney, Jake. McKe alley, Richard. McCallie, Looney. McFarland, Anderson. Mandre, Jos., 423 East Ninth. Mann, Z. T. Martin, Addison. Mahoney, John, 427 East Fifth. Maher, John J., 3110 Ave. K., E. L. Magill, Columbus. Martin, Elisha. Martin, .J. V., 607 .Cedar. Merriam, I. R, 307 Vine Merriam, Tom, 307 ‘Vibe. Milliken, James, Tyners, Tenn. Millsaps, William. 4416 Et. Elmo Ave., St. E. • Miller, R. J., Hotel Patten. Moe, S. B., 501 Georgia Ave. Moore, John A. Morrison, Robert, 600 ‘Oak. Morrison, Mark, 407 West Seventh. Molsdale, „J. L., 522 East Fifth. Moore, Joseph. Moore, Alonzo M., 410 William. Moore, A. M., 410 Williams.

Resolved, That Mr. Emile Wassman, County Tax Assessor and member of the association, be authorized and requested to collect One Dollar as annual dues for the year 1914 from all such persons whose names appear on the suggested list, or who may later properly qualify, and desire to become members of the association.—[Adopted.]

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